Refund Policy

Reimbursement Policy

1 Purpose To standardize expense reimbursement activities for employees on business travel, customer expenses, and ongoing projects.

2 Scope All TestoUltra employees

3 Definitions

REIMBURSEMENT – a refund of an amount paid as a result of an expense incurred by the employee on behalf of TestoUltra

4 Description of Procedures

FILLING OUT THE FORM: 4.1 The form must be filled out with: name, cost center, reason for expenses, brief summary of each expense, signed by the executor and approved according to the established limits; 4.2 Attach the receipts for each amount spent. The receipts must contain: a) Company name and CNPJ; b) For meals: list on the back of the bill the names of the participants, position, company and reasons; c) Other bills: identify the reasons and participants, when there is more than one person involved in the expense. 4.3 Separate the expenses made in Real and in other currencies; 4.4 Inform the amounts received as advances, whether in Real or in other currencies; 4.5 The following forms will be returned to the requester: a) Teared up; b) Without an explanation of the reason for the expense; c) Without a receipt attached; d) Without the proper approvals.

APPROVAL 4.6 Employees must obtain the proper approvals from their managers. 4.7 The Finance Department must verify that the signatures on the forms are in agreement with the managers of each area.

GENERAL RULES 4.8 Expenses must be incurred strictly for the purpose of carrying out work or a project (including training). 4.9 The realization of expenses during the execution of a job must be guided by the greatest possible economy, since they represent costs to the operation. 4.10 Expenses to be incurred in performing a job must follow the rules established in this procedure. 4.11 Any exceptions must be discussed in advance with the CEO. 4.12 All expense claims must be submitted using TestoUltra

Expense Reimbursement Policy
Reimbursement Request Form; 4.13 The expense receipts (simplified invoices and receipts) must indicate the company’s Trade Name and Tax ID. 4.14 All expense reimbursement requests must be requested and delivered to the Financial Department according to the following deadlines: a) Delivery until the 5th (fifth) day of the month – Reception on the 10th (tenth) day of the month; b) Delivery until the 15th (fifteenth) day of the month – Reception on the 20th (twentieth) day of the month. 4.15 Under no circumstances will accounts with reimbursement requests for equipment purchases, office supplies and other items not described in this procedure be accepted; 4.16 All accounts will be reviewed by the financial department, and if they are in disagreement with this procedure they will not be reimbursed (even if approved); 4.17 Expenses with external courses, enrollment in events, national and international certifications, must be previously approved by the CEO.

PERIODICITY 4.18 Accounts payable must be prepared in the month in which the expenses are incurred. 4.19 The deadline for submission of requisitions is up to 02 (two) days after the expense, or return from the trip.

4.20 AIR FARES a) Airline tickets must be purchased by TestoUltra’s administrative area and must be requested at least 15 days in advance; b) Airline tickets purchased by unauthorized travel agents or directly from airlines will not be reimbursed or paid for; c) Boarding and return dates must be programmed according to work/training requirements, aiming to maximize savings in terms of stay and airfare. d) Any travel tickets that are not used must be cancelled in a timely manner through the administrative area. e) Rebookings and cancellations must be made in extreme cases through previous authorization, thus avoiding unnecessary costs. f) All flights must be booked in economy class; g) Exceptions must be discussed with the CEO;

4.21 ACCOMMODATION a) Ask the Administrative area for reservations in hotels pre-selected by TestoUltra. b) When applicable, double or triple rooms will be reserved;

Expense Reimbursement Policy
4.22 TRANSFERS AND TRANSPORTATION a) Taxi – The values of cab will be reimbursed upon presentation of original receipt, without any erasures. The accountability must describe the sections and days of use of cabs:

  • The use of taxis should be made, whenever possible, shared by the project team; the airport connection service should be used in trips to the Confins airport; b) Parking – Parking fees will only be reimbursed when employees are on visits to customers, or external meetings to discuss issues of interest to TestoUltra.

4.23 LUNCH a) Lunch expenses are not eligible for reimbursement purposes, except when:

  • Overseas travel – up to AMOUNT TO BE SET
  • Lunch with clients – previously authorized
  • Weekends or holidays exceptionally when on business, reimbursement must be previously authorized. b) Therefore, the following lunch expenses, among others, are not eligible for reimbursement
  • in training (even if outside your base); and
  • on national trips.

4.24 DINNER a) The reimbursement for dinner will be made considering the maximum value per meal of R$25.00, being eligible for this reimbursement the expenses incurred in national trips and training. b) Project: when there is a situation that the project requires the team to stay overnight. This reimbursement has an exceptional nature and must be approved in advance by the area manager. 4.25 BREAKFAST a) Expenses with breakfast will be reimbursed by the Company when the professional is traveling, with a limit of R$15.00, when it is not included in the hotel daily rate.

4.26 FRIGOBAR a) Reimbursement for expenses with a minibar will be allowed up to R$15.00. Alcoholic beverages and cigarettes are not included;

4.27 TELEPHONES a) Telephone calls made exclusively for work purposes are eligible for reimbursement. b) Calls made from cell phones or private telephones are reimbursed when there is a detail of the call on the respective telephone bill; c) Professionals who are away from their base are entitled to make personal calls in reasonable amounts.

Expense Reimbursement Policy
4.28 INTERNET a) Hotel internet daily rates will be reimbursed in reasonable amounts, provided they are for the exclusive use of the company.

4.29 LAUNDRY a) Are eligible for reimbursement the amounts that are compatible with the length of stay (at least 3 days) and in reasonable quantities.

4.30 GIFTS a) The amounts that are compatible with the service provided and in terms of the internationally accepted conventions (10% in Brazil and 15% abroad for hotel and restaurant services) will be reimbursed, with the respective credit card receipts.

4.31 Expenses made in foreign currency a) Expenses made in foreign currency by credit card

  • The rendering of accounts must be prepared based on the currency exchange rate estimated for the due date of the invoice provided by the credit card company;
  • If this rate is not known at the time of the rendering of accounts, the tourism exchange rate of the previous day must be used.
  • The rendering of accounts involving the use of currency other than the Real – R$ must contain an attached spreadsheet showing the values and exchange rates used for conversion to our local currency. b) Variation of the estimated dollar rate
  • Negative Variation: issuing a reimbursement request containing the value of this variation must be accompanied by a copy of the respective credit card invoice.
  • Positive Variation: return the amount by check or identified deposit. c) Tax on Financial Transactions – IOF
  • The IOF levied on expenses incurred abroad (only occurs when the payment of these is made by credit card) are liable to reimbursement by the Company.
  • They must be issued in the rendering of accounts, under specific activity. A copy of the credit card invoice indicating the IOF amount must be attached to the rendering of accounts. d) Expenses paid with paper currency
  • Expenses in dollars or other foreign currency must be converted to Reais (R$) at the rate of this currency in effect on the date of the rendering of accounts.

5 References 5.1 Forms

  • Request for reimbursement.